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Rise to the TOP with Coaching!

14 Dec

Be more than you ever believed you could be!

Learn the secrets of success — personal success beyond your dreams!

Every great athlete has had at least one great coach. The ultimate YOU needs a great coach.

Jean Eva’s coaching will help you become

  • more dynamic
  • more successful in all arenas of your life
  • more than you thought you could be!

Let’s talk about the coaching process: Working with a coach enables you to change at your own paceĀ  with the support you need to set goals which help you move from step to higher step. Life coaching grows your self-esteem under a “wellness umbrella,” not hampered by the “illness model” of ordinary, insurance-based counseling. Not only that, but your health records will not contain any potentially stigmatizing mental health diagnoses. Career coaching gives you a broader perspective on workplace issues. With this type of coaching YOU and Jean Eva set the goals, and coaching provides the suport and continuity to achieve them.

Good coaching motivates and supports YOU. Jean Eva’s coaching “turns up the volume” so that you can hear yourself!

  • You want to be clear about what you really want in life.
  • You want to be able to recognize and tap into your creativity.
  • You want to identify and deal with any negative emotions — any possible roadblocks to your success.

An initial coaching session will guide you in identifying

  1. Your personal vision
  2. Your professional vision
  3. What’s currently missing in your life

During the coaching process, we are able to do a variety of assessments to help you become more aware of WHO YOU ARE — your interests, your values, and your scientifically determined personality type. Understanding your personality type — and others’ types — will enable you to communicate at a much higher level and to obtain satisfaction in your interpersonal relationships and goals.

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When the student is ready, the coach will appear!