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Your Life is Like a Book!

24 Jan

How often we hear that phrase! Is it an open book, a closed book? Are some chapters missing?

As counselors and coaches, we help people look at their life stories — their books as works in progress. Most counselors receive their own therapy, so that they can learn different techniques, but most of all so that (hopefully) they will experience being listened to on a deep level.

Whenever we experience a person really listening to us, it is as if we are bathed in a golden light. This is also true when a coach has a dialog with us about our personality type. It is as if we are truly getting to know and appreciate ourselves!

Our story has many chapters, beginning in our early childhood, continuing through middle childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. The choices we make at every turn in the road enable us to move in specific directions and close other paths to us. As Robert Frost so eloquently writes in “The Road Less Traveled,” “Two paths diverged in a wood, And I took the one less traveled.”

Whether you take a path less traveled or one traveled by many of your companions, it is still your  path to individualize. How you do your daily work, how you interact with others, what your personal emphasis is — all these are uniquely you.

I see my work as being there for each client — appreciating his or her strengths, as well as understanding the challenges s/he faces in life.

I want to ask my readers how they see their lives:

  1. What are the challenges you are currently facing?
  2. What challenges have you already overcome?
  3. What can you celebrate and be grateful for?
  4. What unique vignettes are part of your story?
  5. What can you laugh about?
  6. Can you bring this sense of humor into your own life and learn to laugh at yourself?

Why can angels fly? — Because they take themselves so lightly!