Renew your Relationship with us at Beyond the Horizons Consulting!

29 Sep

At Beyond the Horizons Consulting we have a weekend program designed to improve marriages — one couple at a time! Our program combines therapy sesions with homework plus time to enjoy the sites and activities in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. And what an amazing variety of cultural activities and aesthetic beauty there is to enjoy here!

Our couples therapy draws on many tools, including personality type, imago therapy, communication work, and propriety questionnaires and assignments. The aim of our program is to amplify the LOVE QUOTIENT between partners who have a committed relationship and are looking to improve their life together. Note: To get a brief understanding of imago therapy, look at Harville Hendrix’s website, Jean Eva attended seminars given by Harville at annual meetings of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

The Renew your Relationship program takes place in our beautiful, private studio, with its great room, lovely smaller room, bath, and deck facing the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The setting and the breakfasts prepared by our chef, plus the welcome hors d’oeuvres, will make you feel relaxed and at home. For more information, contact us at or 505-466-4990.

See you in Santa Fe soon!

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