How Do You See Things??

17 Mar

According to scientific evidence, there are two opposite ways of perceiving things in your world. Some people (75% of the U.S. population) are Sensors (S). Just 25% are Intuitives (N).
Sensors perceive their world in terms of all the facts and details which come to them through the five senses — seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. They are a bit like Joe Friday: “Just give me the facts, m’am.” They want to know How, What, Where, When, but they usually don’t ask the Why question. Sensors perceive their world in great detail and are usually “with it” in the present moment.
Intuitives (N’s) on the other hand perceive the Gestalt of a situation, the big picture. Their form of perception involves the “sixth sense,” which is actually an ability to perceive patterns and thus to be able to “predict” the future.
If Sensors are the data gatherers of the world, Intuitives are those who make meaning of the data, analyzing all the facts and figures so as to digest them.
One might well ask, “How can Sensors and Intuitives work together as a team?” Although these two preferences are opposites, Sensors and Intuitives can work well together IF they recognize each other’s gifts.
Sensors need Intuitives to provide vision for a long-term project and to promote out-of-the-box thinking. Intuitives need Sensors to review their ideas critically in terms of practical implementation and to point out non sequiturs and blocks to implementation. Sensors are also the ones who most likely will steer the process through to completion.

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