Handling Stress: Part II of III

11 Apr

Our last post ended with the suggestion to be more assertive in your life — to ask for what you really want! This evening we are adding some other techniques to help you deal with your current stressors, no matter what they may be.

1. Share your burden with a supportive other. Accumulated stress eats away at us like an abscess at a bone. We must express how we feel, even if nothing can be done about the situation. However, it is important to choose our confidants wisely. Studies done after the tragic Coconut Grove nightclub fire in Boston in the early 1940s showed that those who did not openly grieve after they lost someone in that horrific event went on to develop PHYSICAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOMS MONTHS OR EVEN YEARS LATER!

2. Organize. Disorganization begets chaos and stress. Organization introduces an element of predictability. Predictability leads to control. When things are out of control, we are stressed. Stress is reduced when we can control WHAT IS OURS TO CONTROL.

3. Exercise. Exercise strengthens our cardiovascular system, our lungs, and our muscles. While exercise cannot always reverse damage already done, it can keep us in the best possible condition to reduce stress. There is also evidence that regular exercise slows the aging process.

4. Recognize the early signs of stress illness and get treatment. The ravages of stress, if recognized early, can be prevented or reversed. Are we drinking more than we usually do? Smoking more? Sleeping less? Crying more? Recognizing depression early allows treatment to restore mood and prevent drastic self-destructive actions. Weight gain and decreased sleep go hand in hand. Increased use of alcohol and drugs have severe consequences. To avoid the consequences, wwe must monitor ourselves, initiate self-care procedures, and ALLOW OTHERS TO CARE FOR US. Sometimes hypothyroidism masks as depression, yet the treatment for each is different. Thus a trusted doctor might be the first line of defense when we lack a good self-care plan.

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