Handling Stress — Part III of III

14 Apr

With the following tips come also some more reflective thoughts about the nature of the stressors (internal and external) which we experience and the subsequent stress that affects our wellbeing. We at Beyond the Horizons Consulting, LLC hope that these ideas can spur you on to change some of your old habits!

  1. Schedule a massage: Our bodies and psyches under stress are like taut rubber bands. The more one stretches such a band — and the longer time period one holds it taut — the more likely it is to snap. Massage, like rest, reduces tension in our voluntary muscles as well as in the involuntary ones, in our blood vessels, heart, and gastrointestinal tract.  The less tension we experience, the better we can deal with a variety of stressors that normally occur over the course of a week, month, or year. Prepare for stress and reduce it by getting a massage!
  2. Forgive the past: We cannot change the past. We do need to experience all the feelings that we suppressed or repressed with regard to past events in our lives. That is why the process of forgiveness may not be rushed. Yet it is also true that today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Many times we have not received the love and approval that we have so desired in our families of origin — much less in our current family constellation. Nonetheless, are you willing to be willing to forgive the past, and to let go of — release — the pain and resentment you may be holding? If so, you will begin to feel lighter and less stressed than you currently do!
  3. Slow down! This sounds easy; however, successful individuals usually don’t lower their pace unless they are aware that they need to. Slowing down may require getting away, blocking off hours on your calendar for relaxation or play, or shutting off your cell phone or answering machine to enjoy a relaxing dinner or evening with the family. When we have a heart attack, slipped disk, or car accident, we are forced to slow down to let our bodies recuperate. Make a decision to slow down before your body does it for you!
  4. Reduce noise and people pollution. Do you feel enveloped by clap-trap and other ulwelcome sounds or people? Get away! Find quietude and solitude. With flex time, many companies will allow you to drive in and leave at less stressful hours — or they may even allow you to work from home. We all need a haven — a safe place. However WE must create it, and it must meet our unique specifications.

Jean Eva at Beyond the Horizons will follow up with more thoughts about and suggestions for dealing with stress in her next post. Please comment and let me know what issues you would like to see addressed in this blog!!!


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