Are You De-Stressed?

24 Jul

Dear Reader:

We at Beyond the Horizons Consulting hope you are enjoying some relaxation this summer — perhaps camping, hiking, fishing or visiting a new state or country which you’ve always wanted to see. A change of scene or even a family reunion can charge your batteries with new energy, as you get to learn something new from a Park Ranger, a city guide, or a family member.
This month we’re adding a few more ways to de-stress your life. See if you can’t incorporate one of them into your life! At your leisure, take a look at our website, for more information!
1. Establish routine: Routine decreases stress by eliminating tiresome decisions about what to do and how to do it. Become aware of your priorities — at home, at work, and in your social life. Once you have established your priorities and a workable routine, you will find that you have precious minutes and hours for relaxing activities.
2. Seek spiritual nourishment: To counter the mundane stress of everyday life, we need to become aware of a transcendent Higher Power, or better yet, a Spiritual Being whom we can experience within ourselves. As Dante counseled in The Divine Comedy, “In His will is our peace.”
3. Choose friends carefully: Choosing the right person as friend or partner, as well as choosing the right employee/employer, reduces our stress. The wrong friend can contribute to our stress by overtly hostile behavior or by exhibiting apathy when we need to know that someone cares. The right friend, partner or employee/er is able to share our burden, complement our strengths with his/her own, and help catalyze creative solutions to life’s inevitable stressors. We can all tolerate more stress in life when the right people are there to let us know that the burden is not uniquely our own!

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