Evaluate YOUR Parenting Style!

17 Aug

Here’s a short quiz you can take to evaluate your parenting style. Actually you can take it in two different ways! You can check off the statements YOU might likely make to your children, thus yielding your own parenting style. OR you can take the quiz in terms of how you were parented! Some folks find that their own parenting style is much like their parents’. Others find that they have created a parenting style that is much different from their parents’ — either by choice or in rebellion to a style of parenting which they didn’t like or didn’t do well with.

Instructions: Circle the statements that seem to sound like things you might say to your children when they disagree, disobey, ask Why, dawdle, make a mistake, and so on. Be honest!

  1. You need your sleep. To bed! No arguments!
  2. Rules are rules. You’re late to dinner. To bed without eating!
  3. You’re late to dinner, tiger. Sit down so we can all enjoy our meal.
  4. Well, you can stay up this time. I know you like this program. But next time, let’s plan it in advance.
  5. Work it out yourself. I’m busy.
  6. I won’t stand for your backtalk. Apologize or …
  7. You can’t get up because you kids wanted to stay out past 11 o’clock. That’s your problem. I need to get to work.
  8. Good grief! Can’t you be more careful?
  9. Hey, I wish I could let you stay up, but I don’t feel good about your missing sleep.
  10. Late again, huh? Pass the meat, please.
  11. When we both cool off, let’s schedule a time to talk about this.
  12. You’re tired, aren’t you? A paper route is a tough job. Sure, I’ll take you around.
  13. You didn’t get my call about being home right after school? Well, that’s all right. I know you were with friends.
  14. So you think I’m stupid, huh? That’s your problem. Beat it!
  15. You’re really stuck, aren’t you? Well, I’ll bail you out this time, and then let’s figure a better way for the future.
  16. Please don’t be angry with me; you’re making a scene.
  17. I don’t have to give you reasons. Just do as I say.
  18. No son of mine is going to goof off. You took the job. You get it done.
  19. You say all the other girls are going to the party? I’d like to have more information before I say Yes or No.
  20. Jimmy, please get your shoes on and your backpack ready. I will be late if we don’t leave soon..

I’ll post the answers next time, and you can let me know your thoughts as well! — JET

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