“Just the Facts, Ma’m”!

22 Mar

Are you a person who easily memorizes stats from the newspaper? Do you find yourself drawn to getting factual answers to problems? If so, you probably are like a reporter with his notepad: Who? What? When? How? Where?
These are the questions most Americans want answered. Actually 75% of the American population are Sensing types, who want their information detailed, accurate, and as simple as possible. If you are this type of individual, you will also be RIGHT THERE, grounded in the present moment. When you enter a new venue, you will probably notice everything about it — the colors of your surroundings, any accompanying sounds, the people, their mode of dress, all the details of the interior decoration, and so on. Sensing individuals are aware of everything which comes through the five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. They are also the people who gather all the data for any project.
The opposite type of person is labeled “N” in Myers Briggs terminology. This person is an Intuitive (NOTE: N is used for this function because I has already been taken as shorthand for Introvert.) Intuitives do not so much look for answers to the five common questions listed above. Instead they seek to answer the question, Why? The person who is Intuitive is looking to understand the MEANING of the phenomena. Human beings are animals who seek meaning, so these 25% of the population are entrusted with a very important task. They are also at times termed “visionaries,” because they seem to be able to predict the future. Actually their best predictions come from their ability to see patterns in the data, which they then project into the future. For example, an Intuitive might find great meaning in “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.” S/he might see how this pattern is replicated throughout world history. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable assumption to make, but one could tease out the flaws in Western civilization with such a pattern.
True to type, Intuitive individuals do not so much live in the present as “100 miles down the road” in the future. One may not feel present in the presence of an Intuitive!
Sometimes music captures the essence of psychological themes. In the case of the Sensing types versus the Intuitive types, we might think of “You Fill up my Senses,” a lovely song by John Denver, in contrast to “Anticipation,” another exquisite melody with appropriate Intuitive lyrics by Carly Simon.
I’d love to hear from you with questions or comments. Myers Briggs material is so affirmative of persons in their essential being and so helpful in working out the kinks in relationships!

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