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Why Are Introverts Harder to Understand?

12 May

Is it just because Introverts are quieter that they are harder to understand? No, and it has nothing to do with the number of decibels of their voices either! Introverts don’t purposely keep information from their listeners. It’s a matter of using their considerable gifts in their private, inner life.
With an Extrovert, what you see is what you get. If they prefer to begin their decision-making process with Thinking, then that is what you will notice about them. You will hear the phrase, “I think …” and you will clearly see that they are using universally held principles and ideas to make their decision. Likewise, if Sensing is their primary process, you will hear them enumerate facts and figures effortlessly. Or if Feeling is an Extrovert’s primary way of making a decision, you will hear numerous feeling words and will experience a passionate commitment to their language. Finally, if intuition (N) is the Extrovert’s primary decision-making mode of operation, you will experience broad, visionary statements which present a panorama of the theme under discussion.
With an Introvert, however, that person’s modus operandi is “hidden” in the Introvert’s inner world. Here are some examples:
1. ISTJ: An Introverted Sensing, Thinking personality. This person appears to others as a Thinker, but while this is true, his/her primary function is Sensing. This person has a deep inner world of sense impressions, in other words, a great memory for all the kinds of details one can receive through the five senses. Until you know this person quite well, you will be unaware of the deep well of sense impressions s/he carries beneath the cool Thinking exterior.
2. INFJ: An Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling personality. This person presents a Feeling self to the world. People think of him/her as a warm, caring person. However, this exterior belies a deep Intuitive self, which operates on the inner plane.
3. ISTP: An Introverted, Thinking, Sensing type. This person presents as Sensing. What people notice about the ISTP is how s/he is readily able to pull up data to support any project. What they do NOT notice is that in this person’s inner world s/he is constantly planning and putting into motion logical plans of attack.
It truly is harder to get to know someone who is Introverted. But it’s not any planned deceit on their part. It is simply because they use their favorite process — Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, Intuition — in their Inner world. It will take time for you to get to know them on that Inner level, how they make their decisions, how they perceive things. But perhaps it will be well worth it in our world of frequent glimpses and surface impressions!